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Assisted Human Powered Vehicles and Velomobiles - Wettergeschützte Elektrofahrräder


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Assisted Human Powered Vehicles and Velomobiles - Wettergeschützte Elektrofahrräder. Proceedings of the 4th Velomobile Seminar 'Assisted Human Powered Vehicles', Aula Interlaken, Switzerland, August 18, 1999.


Andreas Fuchs
Theo Schmidt


Verhandelingen van wetenschappelijke congressen en symposia


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Velomobiles powered by pure human power can achieve - due to their good aerodynamics - great speeds (hour record 78 km/h) and also provide excellent weather protection, but their extra weight is a handicap for non-athletes in hilly areas. On the other hand electrically assisted bicycles offer the highest average speeds in urban riding but little comfort and weather protection. Merging these two classes of vehicles we will possibly arrive at vehicles which protect from too much sunshine and too much rain, which are aerodynamically efficient but nevertheless as fast in the hills as in the flat !
The Velomobile Seminar 1999 took place August 18 1999 at Interlaken, Switzerland.
The proceedings: They contain 27 papers on 256 pages: 21 papers deal with the main topic "Assisted HPV" and 6 papers are about HPV in general.
Coloured covers. The proceedings contain many figures and pictures.
Proceedings of the Velomobile Seminar 1999 "Assisted Human Powered Vehicles and Velomobiles - Wettergeschützte E-Fahrräder"
First edition - Liestal : Future Bike Switzerland (Ed. Fuchs and Schmidt) 1999
ISBN 3-9520694-1-8


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A. Fuchs & Th. Schmidt
What Good is Power Assist? An Introduction to the Velomobile Seminar
Hannes Neupert
Chancen der Kombination von HPV mit Zusatzantrieb
Health and Power
Allan V. Abbott
Health and the Reintegration of Physical Activity into Lifestyles in the New Millenium
C.G. Rasmussen
Who Needs Power Assist?
P. Zamparo, C. Capelli & P. Cencigh
Energy Cost and Mechanical Efficiency of Riding a Four Wheels Human Powered 'Recumbent' Vehicle (karbyk)
H.P. Barbey
Development of a New Concept of Power Transmission Considering Human Performance
Andreas Fuchs
Chainless Electrical Human-Power Transmissions and their likely Applications
Vehicle Concepts and Design
L. Bergeron, L. Clement & A. Fuchs
Urban Quadracycle
John Jostins
Greenheart MicroCab Project - The question of hybrid power: Combining human and electric power in an ultra lightweight vehicle
Harald Kutzke
The 'Scooter Bike' as an example for an 'Active Bicycle' with electric transmission
Ch. Henry, U. Michel & Theo Schmidt
PedalLine, a new VeloTaxi concept
Practical and proven Vehicles
Mario Chiaffrino
Assisted Velomobile-Project 'PEDALOSOLARUS REX'
Eberhardt Scharnowski
The HALF-Mobiles: Experience gained
Ian Sims
Cycling Hills in Top Gear - Power Assistance for Trikes
Robert K. (Bob) Stuart
The Car-Cycle X-4 , a Pioneer of Integrated Suspension
R. Schnyder & P. Zeller
Twike - pedalling on the highway
Marketing and Transportation
Ed Benjamin
Selling Pedelecs to the USA Market
German Eslava
Experiance of Power Assisted Velomobiles Based on the Cab-Bike Usage Within Modena European Union Supported Practical Test
Stefan Gloger
Traffic Mode Selection and the Future of Individual Transportation
Aerodynamics versus Weight and Assist Power
Nickolas Hein
The Weight vs. Wind Resistance Tradeoff - Making Sense of it
Stefan König
The Velocity of Single-Track Recumbents and Multi-Track Velomobiles in Everyday-Use
Michael Saari
What Do We Mean by 'Range' anyway? Some Sensible Methods, and a Windfall Result
Combustion Assists
John Tetz
Up-Hill Assist
I. Urieli, E. Lyles & A. Ross
A Bridled Electric Assisted HPV Complemented by a Stirling Engine/Generator Range Extender
Boats and Amphibious Vehicles
Theo Schmidt
Extra Energy on the Water
Olli Kuusisto
Perspirator Witch - An Attempt to a Human-/Electric Powered Vehicle with Amphibious and Solar Options
M. Wächter, N. Zacharias & F. Riess The Validation of SimBike
a Development Tool for Bicycle Suspensions
General References and Addresses
Proceedings of the Velomobile Seminars 1 - 3
Add-on propulsion unit for wheelchairs 2.0

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