A race in the park

This page explains why we call our event Cycle Vision/A race in the park (when space permits).
Cycle Vision has a long history as a weekend long recumbent bike race event, held almost every year at various locations in The Netherlands.
A race in the park also has a long history, first under the name 'Rütenbrocker race', famous for its extraordinary cosy atmosphere.
In 2016, Uli and Heinz Bentlage took the chance of moving their event to the beautiful track of Racepark Meppen, Germany, close to the Dutch border,
That first edition of A race in the park was held a few months after Cycle Vision 2017. In 2019, the Cycle Vision team and the Bentlage brothers decided to join forces and organize one event per year: Cycle Vision in even years, and A race in the park in odd years.
While both events offer weekend long bike racing, they have a slightly different focus.
The main theme of 'A race in the park' is inclusivity, meaning that there are specific races for bikes/steps/handbikes and people with disabilities.
Cycle Vision aims to make racing as much fun as possible for both spectators and participants, and offers some races beyond the usual time trials and criteriums. The program usually includes a 6 hour endurance race. 2.0

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