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Leitra Velomobile Ebike

Leitra velomobil with auxiliary motor (250w). The size can be adjusted according to the length of the cyclist, it is now set to +/- 180 cm person height. The velomobile is significantly upgraded with good headlights and turn signals in addition to battery and auxiliary motor. It comes with a backlight that can be connected to the battery. The bike has the engine cut off so you do not notice anything about the engine when not in use. It is equipped with both hub and outer gear. The bike has good luggage space and is ideal for touring. What distinguishes Letra from many other velomobiles is that it has suspension on all three wheels making it more comfortable. The Leitra is lacquered with car paint that is too brittle for the thin chassis. This means that the paint has cracked in some places. This can be corrected by new varnish with better properties, or by foil.

The bike is one of about 260 copies. It is handmade in Denmark by the inventor / aircraft dr. Phys. Carl Georg Rasmussen.

I am asking for € 3100.

Please call 0047 94853285 or email tobb72(a) for more information

You can read more about the bike here:

Or just simply search google or youtube.

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