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Quest 765 special 4999,-Euro

I am offering my highly modified Quest 765 due to an unexpected possibility to buy an Milan.
The Quest is partial Carbon with an aluminum and has a mileage of approx. 24000 km, 16500 in the last 10 months ridden by me. I am the third owner.
The changes made from factory standard are as followed:
-the drivetrain has been changed from 3x9 to a 2x10. The cogset is a 11-28, the derailleur a Shimano Ultegra 6600 with a long cage. The gripshift has been changed to barend shifters. The drivetrain including the chain is about 5000 km old.
-for better stability and better tire selection the 26"/559 rear wheel has been changed to 28"/622, original rear wheel will be included though.
-the wobbly behavior of the Quest drivetrain has been improved with three changes: a second idler has been added behind the seat, the front idler is moved slightly back and a bigger one has been used, and there an aluminum strut has been added before the rear wheel housing, to reduce wheel strut flexing.
-the wheeltrack has been widened by 15mm per side to improve behaviour in high wind situations and curves. Unfortinately that of course added to the curve radius wich is now 13 meters. It can be easily reverted back to original.
-all struts have the short/hard/red dampers.
-the head rest area has been altered to a DF style headrest for better aerodynamics, the race cap has been altered to fit that head rest.
-for better ventilation a NACA duct has been added.
-aerodynamic fairings for front and rear wheel housings are included in the offer.
The Quest has been capsized twice, the minor repairs to the body have been done with carbon and glassfiber. The damage to the paintcoat was more extensive so I decided to have the Quest laminated professionally.
This Quest is very fast and the drivetrain is very stiff. Due to the extensive modifications and the overall very good condition the asking price is €4999.
The bike is located in Rendsburg, Germany.
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Lokatie: Germany Rendsburg

Axel-H (stuur bericht - login voor gedetailleerde contactgegevens)

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